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With technology so advanced, one should not get bored. There are a variety of things you can do to be occupied. One of them can be watching movies. By streaming movies from GoMovies can turn your lousy afternoon to an adventures one.

GoMovies is a site that is dedicated to make you enjoy life by making great movies available to you freely. No registration, no login. You can subscribe if you want to, it’s a good idea. They will notify you when a good movie is available. You can also customize the type of movies you enjoy watching thus get notified too when a new one is in store.

gomovies - watch free movies online

Once logged in, the site gives you a suggestion of what to watch online for free. This comes in handy when you have no idea what to watch or a newbie to watching movie. It also has various categories with which you can choose from ranging from most watched, featured, top rated and the favorites.

GoMovies provides all these for free for your entertainment without parting with any penny. You can choose what to watch from the following:

  • Thriller/Horror Movies

    This is a movie that seeks to give you goose bumps through deliberate scary violent or shocking stories. The movies usually use ghosts, monsters or vampires as characters. Thrillers are softer versions of horror as they use human characters but with a storyline almost same as horror only that it does not go overboard.

  • Animation Movies

    This kind gives great movies but utilizes animals as their characters. It is normally funny but communicating a serious or true message at the same time.

  • Drama/Comedy Movies

    Comedy movies are normally stories that tell of funny events intended to make you laugh. Drama on the other end are more serious events but told in a humorous way. So by the end of it, you will laugh all the same. These movies are meant for excitement when you are down emotionally.

  • Action Movies

    These are the ones that the protagonist takes a risky turn that leads to a series of adventures that may involve radical actions like fights, use of guns, bombs and other war tools. They are exciting to watch unless you do not like bloodshed.

One main advantage of watching movies online is that it’s faster and one can enjoy more variety. You also avoid the bulky cds in your house, damn! Those things are not even recyclable. Talk about scratches, they can make you bored the more. The sweet thing is, you do not part with any coin; you simply enjoy the movie for free. So login today to GoMovies and experience the fun!

The official GoMovies site address is: gomovies.to

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