The Official 123Movies Rebranded Site As GoMovies

On March 23, an article from TorrentFreak says that US Ambassador Ask Vietnam To Target 123Movies. In that day 123Movies was closed.

Few days after that nobody know what happened with the original 123Movies site. But in March 28 when I tryed to acces 123Movies I’ve got a surprise!

gomovies logo 123Movies was redirected to another domain called GoMovies. Down bellow you can see whois domain for GoMovies, the domain that is loading the 123Movies official site.

whois gomovies

The next day, on March 29, TorrentFreak was published an big update about 123Movies site. They said that 123Movies Rebrands As GoMovies, and yes was true, except that 123Movies site redirected to GoMovies.IS not GoMovies.TO!

Few hours ago, when I tryed again to enter on the 123Movies official site, I was redirected to GoMovies.TO, the official rebraded 123Movies domain.

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