What can you do when a Turkish Airlines flight is delayed or canceled

As a European citizen, you have the right to be compensated when your flight is too late or canceled. But what are your options when it comes to Turkish Airlines, a non-EU airline? Fortunately, you can avoid a desperate situation if you know the rules.

According to EC261 / 2004, at European level, you are entitled to money every time the official flight data is not respected. Compensation is structured on three pillars: 250 euros, if your flight is less than 1,500 kilometers long and takes more than two hours. 400 euros, if the distance is between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers and the delay time is over three hours. And 600 euros for more than four hours wasted for distances of over 3,500 kilometers to non-EU destinations.

You must also know that you can receive compensation if you lost your connection due to a delay on the first flight segment. It is also valid when the delay is ten minutes, according to airclaim.com.

In the case of Turkish Airlines, the company is not registered in the EU, although it is one of the most present at European airports, including in Romania. At the same time, not having a legal presence in the EU, it has no obligation to comply with the European regulation. Fortunately, Turkish Airlines has an internal passenger rights regulation – called Shy Passenger – which ensures that you are compensated.

Turkish Airlines compensation for delayed or canceled flight

Before you know what damages Turkish Airlines pays, you must know that in extraordinary cases you are no longer entitled to them. And by extraordinary means extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, security risks or strikes and problems that can affect flight safety.

For damages from Turkish Airlines you must note that they offer the same remuneration as the companies in Europe. Thus, 100 euros for domestic flights, 250 euros for distances under 1,500 kilometers, 400 euros for 1,500 to 3,000 km and 600 euros for distances over 3,500 km. There are damages paid by Turkish Airlines for baggage damage: 30%, 50%, respectively 75% of the ticket cost over the aforementioned distances.

As hours, for the shortest distance, the delay must be greater than two hours. For less than 3,000 km, the delay should be at least three hours and for the longest distance it should be over four hours.

There are some other facilities that Turkish Airlines offers, such as giving you the money back on the ticket in case of cancellation or overbooking. And when the delays are too high, you have the right to drinks, food and use a phone or email account. You can check the full list of these terms on the company’s website.

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